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Bern Helmets


Our Story

Our mission? Keep doing what we’ve done for decades: innovate to create the most comfortable, safe, and stylish lids available, so you can stay out there on the slopes, the street, and everywhere in between. With 30 years of trade secrets won through total dedication, bold experimentation, and real unparalleled love for what we do, we know a helmet is more than a safety product, it is an expression of personal style. It’s a signal of your willingness to protect your mind and body, respect your sport and its community, and connect with nature. Whether you’re an old pro or a first-timer, a skier or a boarder or a weekday commuter, Bern’s proud to be along for the ride.

Bike Helmets

Bern’s bike helmets are safe, stylish and comfortable.

eBike Helmets

Bern’s bike helmets are safe, stylish and comfortable.

Snow Helmets

Bern’s stylish snow helmets are certified for skiing & snowboarding.

Skate Helmets

Bern’s skateboard helmets bring a classic, street-inspired, skate style, while providing low-profile protection.

Watersports Helmets

Bern’s water helmets boast Bern’s classic style while certified for water-specific sports.


Upgrade your Bern helmet with seasonal liners, visors, lights, audio-chips, and shop other Bern swag

Getting huge Press Hits

The Manual

"The Hendrix from Bern is the ultimate Melon Protector with an all-season style to keep them looking rad throughout the winter"

Men's Health

"These goggles are a genuine bargain, built touch. They offer tremendous visibility and come with an additional lens, which swaps in and out via a magnetic connectors."


"For a single helmet that you can use across multiple sports, the Bern Watts 2.0 is a hip-looking design with the brand's iconic brim"

The Independant

"Our pick of this season's designs is the Macon, which is reliably warm even in sub-zero temperatures thanks to a thick ribbed liner and an adjustable dial for a snug fit that traps heat in>"

Helmet Safety: Essential Protection

Choosing a helmet with advanced materials, innovative design features, and rigorous safety certifications is crucial, providing not only essential protection during your outdoor pursuits but also peace of mind knowing you're well-guarded against potential impacts.

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